Assembly of the parade


The pré parade

We can’t help it but, since a few editions, stray and other wild cats always want to be the first ones to start the parade. They do not obey the rules; they always start too early and really drive the public crazy. It is always a crazy gang that takes advantage of the parade’s theme. I wonder what those animals have in store for us now …

Part 1: A warm welcome

The real parade starts at 3 p.m. sharp from the sports complex. The town council and the entire organisation welcome you! The youth of Ypres is present. Dressed as playful kittens with fresh songs and nice dances, they open the parade in a colourful way. And maybe you will find some Cat sayings in the first part?

Part 2: Cat worship in history

In ancient Egypt and among the Celts, the cat was held in high esteem. But nowhere did she, as the pet of the witch, receive such attention during our dark Middle Ages. But we reverse the roles: the cat condemns man for so much cruelty and hypocrisy! Did you recognise some of the cat’s spells in between?

Part 3: Ypres city of peace

Ypres is a city with a rich past. But that wealth was burned and fought for during the Siege of Ypres. In the 2022 edition we focus on the rich past of medieval Ypres. In this part, too, there are pointed cat sayings!

Part 4: Cat stories

In this part, you will certainly recognise some Cat spells. But we also get to know an old Ypres saying: the ‘burial of a Great Cat’. After that, do you recognise the whole story of ‘Puss in Boots’?

Part 5: The cat around the world

Cats are everywhere! Think of the lazy Garfield, the playful Musti and the pole-dancing queen. The ‘Cats’ are also back, alongside real wild cats from the jungle. And let yourself be carried away by the rousing rhythms of the African cats! By the way: who dares to pinch the cats in broad daylight?

Part 6: The Ypres Cat

Meet the real Ypres cats: the Snoezepoezen, the cats with big heads, Reus Cieper and Minneke Poes. The new little giant cats, who were born four years ago, are also present again. You can even stroke and caress them. Do you recognise the features of daddy Cieper and mummy Minneke?