47th Cat parade Sunday 9 may 2027 | 3 PM

A parade full of feline history, folklore and humour passes through the streets of Ypres.

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in the streets of Ypres.

Read the extra edition of the Ypres city magazine.
Everything completely dedicated to the 46th Cat Parade.

2 day party

The triennial Cat Festival will start on Saturday with an activity for children and families.

On Saturday evening the town is buzzing with activities at various places in the town centre.

On Sunday, the 47th Cat Parade passes through the streets of Ypres.

View the programme:


I really like marching in the parade!
That way I can finally meet all the children who know me again!.
Belgian Comic Cat
Ik kijk al uit naar deze stoet. In de voorbereiding van de Kattenkronkels zag ik hou enthousiast alle groepen waren om eindelijk nog eens te kunnen spelen voor publiek. Dat zal vonken geven in mei!

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