Program saturday 11 may

Program saturday 11 May

18.00hrs – Cat’s Banter

Surprising acts spread throughout the city centre


22h30 – Pedaleando Hacia El Cielo

When darkness falls, Pedaleando Hacia el Cielo, or simply Pedaleando, tells an enchanting love story. The story embraces being together during dark days and highlights angels who balance between heaven and earth. Pedaleando Hacia el Cielo, which means ‘cycling in heaven‘, brings people together and gives hope.

In this aerial performance, declarations of love are rewritten through movement, a breath, a word and a song. An immersive mix of cinematic images, light, song, dance and live music immerses the audience in an enchanting experience.

The Cloth Halls function as the appropriate backdrop for this performance, in which film images are ingeniously integrated to create a range of poetic dream images.