Tickets Grand stand (Sold out)

Your ticket will state your grandstand and seat number.
Go to the stands in time and ask the stewards for help to find your seats.

The publicity caravan starts at 2 p.m.
The procession itself starts at 3 p.m. During the procession it is not always easy to cross the route.

Track and stands

Course of the parade

  • START: Menengate
  • Menenstraat
  • Grote Markt (Tribune A, B, C)
  • Neermarkt
  • Vandenpeereboomplein (Tribune A, B)
  • Elverdingestraat (Tribune)
  • Capronstraat
  • Maarschalk Fochlaan (Tribune A, B)
  • End: Oudstrijderslaan 

Special zones are reserved for people with reduced mobility.
Anyone who wants to take a grandstand ticket, but is not mobile enough to enter the grandstand, can use these reserved zones.

You will find these zones on the Grote Markt, Vandepeereboomplein and Fochlaan.
The zones on the Grote Markt and Vandepeereboomplein are charged. The zone on Fochlaan is free.
Reservation (with disability card number) is mandatory.


  • The city center is completely traffic-free from 11am.
    There is a parking ban on the streets of the course.
    The area around the sports center, Leopold III-Laan, is not accessible because the procession is being prepared there.

We recommend that as many people as possible come by bicycle or public transport.
Bicycle parking spaces are provided:

  • Parking Station / Shared Cars
  • Minneplein

Make optimal use of the peripheral car parks:

  • Station (Tulpenlaan)
  • Lille Gate (access via Rijselseweg)

More information about the extra parking zones will follow as soon as it becomes available.

Safety precautions

Yes, your dog is welcome during the parade if it is not afraid of sudden and loud noises.
More than 1,500 volunteers and actors walk around during the procession and some animals are frightened by the acts.
That is not good for the safety of visitors and your dog.
In that case, it is better to leave your pet at home.